Mumbai, May 20: A national bravery award winner Nilesh Bhil, who was honoured by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year, was kidnapped in Maharashtra along with his sibling from his home, the police reportedly said on Saturday. A complaint was filed on Friday night. According to the complaint, filed by their mother Sundarbai R Bhil, Nilesh Bhil went missing along with brother Ganpat Bhil. The complaint also alleges that the brothers have been kidnapped by some unknown persons, said the on-duty officer of Muktainagar Police Station.

The complaint filed also mentions that Nilesh had left home on May 17 for some work but hasn’t returned back since then. His parents claim that he has been kidnapped by some unknown people.

12-year-old Nilesh Bhil was awarded the National Bravery Award in January 2016 by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for saving a boy from drowning in water, the previous year. According to the reports, top police officers at the local and regional levels are monitoring the investigations involving the kidnapping of Nilesh Bhil and his brother.

Nilesh Bhil is a resident of Jalgaon in Muktainagar in the sate of Maharashtra.