New Delhi, Mar 31: The Income Tax (IT) Department on Friday froze two bank accounts of cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu over non-payment of taxes. His bank accounts were frozen after the Punjab minister failed to substantiate his income through documents. Confirming the reports, a source told TOI that the accounts were frozen as the former cricketer failed to provide documents justifying his income and refused to pay taxes.

The income tax department on March 29 seized two bank accounts of Sidhu for failing to present bills of expenditure shown in his tax returns filed for the year 2014-15. The former cricketer’s dues reportedly stand at Rs 52 lakh. In the tax returns, Sidhu had claimed expenditure towards clothes (Rs 28,38,405), tour and travelling (Rs 38,24,282), staff salary (Rs 47,11,400), and petrol and diesel (Rs 17,80,358). He, however, failed to provide any bills substantiating the expenditure.

“The assessee had gone in to appeal against the order on January 17 last year, but the Commissioner of Income-tax (Appeals) or CIT (A) passed the order favouring the revenue and not provided any relief to the assessee, as he had failed to provide any documentary evidence in support of his claim,” the official statement read. The IT department had reportedly issued three notices to Sidhu over non-payment of the taxes before seizing his two bank accounts.

This is not the first time Navjot Singh Sidhu has invited controversy. In the year 2006, Sidhu was sentenced to a three-year jail term following a death in a road rage case. However, he appealed to the Supreme court and the latter turned down his conviction.