Kalaburagi (Karnataka), Feb 14: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday alleged that NDA ministers have not been working independently as every ministry has been captured by the RSS men. “In every single Ministry in India, at the national level there is an OSD from RSS working with the Minister…In every Ministry in India there is a man from RSS who works with the Minister. The Minister is not operating on his own,” he said.

The Congress President had been interacting with professionals and the business community on the last day of his campaign in poll-bound Karnataka where he said that the NDA ministers are being guided by the RSS men on what to do. Gandhi also said that demonetisation was the brainchild of neither Finance Minister Arun Jaitley nor the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) but that of RSS.

“Today, most Union ministers’ officers on special duty (OSDs) are from the RSS. Even in Niti Aayog, RSS men have been planted. This is a very dangerous trend,” Gandhi claimed.

“Do you know where the idea of notebandi came from? It was neither the RBI nor Jaitley nor any officer in the finance ministry. It was a particular ideologue of the RSS. The RSS puts an idea in Modi’s mind and he launches it,” Gandhi said.

The approach is of capture, Gandhi said. “The approach is here is an institution and let us capture it; as opposed to allowing an institution to serve the people of India and allowing the people of India to capture the institution,” he added. He also said that this is the “fundamental conflict we (Congress) has with BJP”. “Their idea is wherever they go they plant people with their ideology into that organisation,” he said.

“RSS is trying to push its people into every institution. You must have heard what Mohan Bhagwatji said,” he added. (Mohan Bhagwat had recently said that the Indian Army may take six to seven months to prepare for war, RSS cadres can prepare in only three days.)

Responding to a suggestion by a doctor to impress upon the government to remove clauses in the proposed medical bill, against the interest of doctors, Rahul said that this government has been taking unilateral decisions because it thinks people don’t know anything.