New Delhi, August 13: Heavy, incessant rains in Nepal pose a major threat of river overflow in several parts. The aggressive flow of Kosi river, which is flowing over the danger level, is increasingly exerting immense pressure upon several points of the eastern embankment, reports claim. Several parts of Biratnagar Airport was under water due to rains. This is a cause of distress to the Nepal authority amid floods which killed at least 36 and displaced thousands.

As per reports, currents near the western embankment has grown strong amid continuous flood fighting efforts in the area. On Saturday at 10 am, at the barrage, the discharge of Kosi was registered to be 281,955 cusec.

Train services from Jogbani in BIhar has been disrupted due to submergence of tracks. ( image)
Train services from Jogbani in Bihar has been disrupted due to submergence of tracks. ( image)

While in Nepal, runways of Biratnagar Airport are submerged in water, in India, rising levels of floodwater disrupted train services from Jogbani in Bihar. As per reports, this disruption is due to the submergence of the railway tracks and roads in the area are under the same condition. Although as of early Sunday, trains are able to move till Bathnaha, but reports claim if the water level increases any further, train services might be disrupted completely anytime.

With at least 36 casualties, dozens missing and thousands displaced, heavy rainfall in Nepal has caused enourmous damage. Reports on Sunday claimed that incessant rain and overflow of rivers pose a major threat to India as well. Major rivers like Sarada, Ghaghra, Gandak, Rapti and Kosi. Already states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bihar are facing major flood problems caused by the rivers flowing from Nepal to India. The Government of India is reportedly in dialogue with the Government of Nepal for construction of dams on these rivers for mutual benefit of the two countries which includes flood control.