Chandigarh, September 16: In a baffling case, the Chandigarh police have started probing the Blue Whale angle into the alleged rape of a 12-year-old, after they couldn’t make an arrest in the case and the medical examination of the survivor didn’t point to the crime.

The girl was allegedly raped on August 15 when she was coming back from her school’s I-Day program. She alleged that a middle-aged man forced himself on her at 8:30 am. Based on the girl’s testimony, the police registered a case under POSCO Act. However, the medical examination report didn’t clearly point that the crime had taken place. The Indian Express reported that the medical report was ambiguous as there was no sign of rape or injury mark. The report, however, did not rule out the possibility, commenting that she might have been sexually assaulted in some other manner. She is also reportedly changing her statements.

Hitting a dead end, the UT police started working on a different theory altogether– The Blue Whale challenge. Armed with the disclosure that the survivor had told her close friend that she had completed two out of three challenges, the police are probing from an angle that she might have been playing social media games like Blue Whale challenge.

“I have completed two tasks among three but I have cheated in one task,” the victim is said to have told the friend, reported the Indian Express. The police source said that authorities have taken the unconventional route in the investigation.

The police have the information that the girl had become a member of a closed group on Facebook. Her family had asked her to delete the account last month. So far, the police have reached another dead end as no such activity was found on her mother’s smartphone. Her teachers also say that the student was bright and creative with an active interest in sports. Further investigation is on.