New Delhi, Dec 6: The Delhi Government on Wednesday announced that there will be no exemptions under the odd-even scheme, in its action plan to combat pollution submitted before the National Green Tribunal. The government also issued various directives in the new action plan including ban on entry of polluting heavy motor vehicles and temporary ban on construction.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Government in the action plan filed in front of the NGT said that all construction work will be completely stopped if the air pollution level touches ‘severe’ category. Apart from that its plan also consists of action against polluting vehicles and restricting the entry of trucks into Delhi during severe conditions.

The action plan also stated it will shut down all industries causing pollution and has laid a ban on the burning of waste. According to news agency, ANI, hearing in the air pollution case will be continued on Thursday.

Earlier on Monday, the Tribunal rapped the Delhi Government for not filing a comprehensive action plan on methods to deal with severe air pollution. It also slammed authorities for holding the India-Sri Lanka cricket match despite bad air quality.

As per a previous report, a bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar took exception over the failure of the Delhi government to file the report despite its specific order. However, during the hearing on Monday, the Delhi government had said it needed more time to file the action plan as the chief secretary and environment secretary have been recently changed.

Tried and tested in 2016 for the first time in New Delhi, the AAP Government introduced the odd-even scheme with certain restrictions to facilitate women and elderly drivers. As per the rule, all private vehicles were divided on the basis of their numbers. Vehicles with even numbers ran on specific days and vehicles with odd numbers on the others.

Those vehicles running with CNG as their primary fuel were allowed to function irrespective of their number. Similarly, women drivers without company were allowed to drive on all days. However, with the new action plan, there will be no exemptions for women drivers.

The NGT, following the smog situation in Delhi had rapped the Government and questioned the validity of such exemptions. It also allowed the Government to roll-out the odd-even scheme in mid-November sans exemptions. To which the Delhi government first accepted but rolled it back.

Now with the new action plan, it seems Delhi government has taken the recommendation of the NGT along with other new moves.