New Delhi, Sept 14: A top US official attempted to allay fears of Indians on H1-B visas, claiming there are “no restrictions” in place. On the contrary, he claimed, Indians were largest beneficiaries of H1-B visa programme after US President Donald Trump came to power.

Over the past nine months, the grant of H1-B category visas for Indians increased by six per cent, the official said, adding that 70 per cent of the total visas issued under the scheme went to Indians.

The claims made by the US official comes in stark contrast to stand taken by US President Donald Trump, who had vowed to dramatically reduce the number of jobs granted to foreign citizens using the H1-B programme.

“The President (Donald Trump) spoke about review. There are no restrictions but it (H-1B) is under review,” he told PTI, adding the issue was not on the agenda for the upcoming Indo-US bilateral dialogue on consular relations, but it may come up in the course of the talks.

The restructuring of H1-B programme was earlier expected to adversely impact the Indian professionals employed in I-T majors. The scheme allowed employers to procure highly skilled nonimmigrant workers from other nations, at wages lower than what they are obliged to pay to the American employee.

Apart from the H1-B programme, another major issue which is expected to be raised during the Indo-US bilateral dialogue on September 27 is the scrapping of Deferred Action for Children Arrival, or DACA scheme. The decision, announced earlier in the month, could lead to the deportation of nearly 7,000 Americans of Indian-origin.