New Delhi, Apr 4: The Delhi government has not spent a single penny on the upliftment of the sanitation and hygiene facilities in the state. A report by the Comptroller and Audit General (CAG) reveals that not a single toilet has been constructed under the Swachh Bharat Mission in the city.

The CAG report tabled in the Delhi Assembly on Tuesday revealed that the government did not release funds to any of the agencies according to their requirement.  A total amount of Rs 8 crores has been allocated to the North Delhi Corporation (NDMC) to construct toilets in its respected area, even without any request for the amount from the NDMC. But when North MCD asked for an amount of Rs 23 Crores, the government did not release the fund.

As per the CAG report, the Central government has sanctioned a total amount of Rs 40.31 crore for constructing toilets in the city but the government has not brought the amount into use and hence, it is lying unused in the banks since two years.

As per the reports, the government should release the funds within the 30 days of receiving it from the centre but the government did not allocate any funds to respected agencies for at least ten months. The CAG report also shows that the government has only spent Rs 2 crores from Rs 5 crores on the awareness campaign to aware the people about the significance of using toilets.