Bhubaneswar, March 9: A business from Rourkela city in Odisha filed a complaint with the police against his wife, a banker, that she married another man while he was on a work trip to Uttar Pradesh last week. In his complaint, the businessman claimed that he got the information that his wife had remarried when he was in Varanasi.

Showing his marriage certificate to the police, the businessman said that he married the banker in July 2016. He added they had a “registry marriage” because their parents did not approve of their relationship, the Hindustan Times reported.

The man said that his wife did not answer his phone when he called her from Varanasi on March 4. “Then I called her mother, who told me that her daughter had got married and they were preparing for her wedding reception,” he added.

He then rushed back to Rourkela and saw his wife in bridal finery at her parents’ house, the businessman said. “I have been cheated. I want justice,” he added.

The woman’s father denied that she was ever married to the businessman. He told the police that the businessman had produced a fake marriage registration certificate.

Sub-inspector R Pradhan of Raghunathpalli police station said, “We are verifying the documents and action will be initiated after scrutiny.”