New Delhi, Dec 8: A Muscat-bound aircraft of Oman Airlines was denied permission to take off from Delhi International Airport on Thursday after its pilot was found without his commercial pilot license. The random check conducted by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) found the pilot was flying the plane without necessary documents.

The passengers, who had to wait for more than two hours, could only fly after the airlines faxed the documents to Delhi. They were found to be consistent with the regulator. The airlines refused to comment on the entire incident.

“During this random check, the co-pilot of Oman Air’s Delhi-Muscat flight could not produce his CPL when asked to do so. The aircraft, whose boarding had been completed, was stopped from taking off. The airline faxed the pilot’s licence which was examined and then the plane took off with a two-hour delay,” The Times of India quoted as saying. 

The regulator said all foreign airlines must ensure they are operating with all requisite documents. However, this is not the first time when DGCA grounded such aircrafts. It had grounded many aircrafts in 2009 after it started following “safety oversight of foreign airlines” (SOFA) guidelines in 2009.