New Delhi, January 26: India Today Mood of the Nation Poll found that over 70 per cent of people surveyed recently supported Narendra Modi government’s decision to demonetise Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes. The detail findings of the survey  will be out in this week’s special issue of the popular magazine India Today.

According to the survey, majority of people surveyed felt that that the demonetisation was a good move to fight black money.  Around 35 per cent people believed that the move was truly good for the Indian economy.  (Also Read: Rahul Gandhi best alternative to Narendra Modi in run-up to 2019 Lok Sabha elections: India Today survey)

However, the only  regret that people seem to have towards the Modi government is that it could have been planned in a better way and possibly implemented in a better manner. Approximately 36 percent people believed that demonetisation could have been planned better while, another 19 percent believed that the move was implemented badly. It must also be noted that the poll indicated that Finance Minister Arun Jaitley managed to enjoy the support of 23 percent  Indians, the highest in the Modi cabinet, despite demonetisation.

The survey also looked at the mood of the nation and looked at the possible victors if the general elections were to be held today. Much to the dismay of the Opposition, however, the survey clearly showed that there was no alternative to the incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the closest competitor being Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi with 28 per cent voters.

Apart from him, others who have a remote chance against Narendra Modi include JD(U)  leader Nitish Kumar with 13 per cent support, Congress President Sonia Gandhi with 9 per cent support, Delhi Chief Minister and AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal with just 7 per cent support and Priyanka Gandhi with a mere 3 per cent support.