Washington, Feb 15: A total of 17 intelligence agencies on Wednesday warned the Donald Trump administration that Pakistan is slowly slipping away from United States’ grip and getting closer to China. A Pakistan daily Dawn states that Pakistan will continue to sneak out of US’ influence and “will become a threat to Washington’s interests in the South Asian region.”

The 17 intelligence agencies include Central Intelligence Agency, Defence Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Security Agency, among others. (Also Read: Pakistan Developing New Types of Nuclear Weapons, Warns US)

“In their report on Pakistan, the agencies warned that the country will continue to threaten US interests by deploying new nuclear weapons capabilities, maintaining its ties to militants, restricting counterterrorism cooperation, and drawing closer to China,” the report states.

The intelligence agencies also claimed that the Islamabad-backed terrorist groups will continue to take advantage of their refuge in Pakistan to “plan and conduct attacks in India and Afghanistan, including against US interests.”

Pakistan’s interpretation of the country’s “eroding position relative to India, reinforced by endemic economic weakness and domestic security issues, almost certainly will exacerbate long-held fears of isolation and drive Islamabad’s pursuit of actions that run counter to US goals for the region.”

The India-Pakistan relations, in 2019, will remain tense and there is a “risk of escalation if there is another high-profile terrorist attack in India or an uptick in violence on the Line of Control” the report added.

On India-China relations, the agencies informed Congress that in the year 2019, the relations between the two countries will remain tense and “will possibly deteriorate further” despite a negotiation on the settlement.

The United States had on Wednesday warned that Pakistan has been developing new types of nuclear weapons that would risk security in the region. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told lawmakers that Pakistan has been producing short-range tactical weapons, sea-based cruise missiles, air-launched cruise missiles, and longer-range ballistic missiles.

“Militant groups supported by Islamabad will continue to take advantage of their safe haven in Pakistan to plan and conduct attacks in India and Afghanistan, including against US interests,” Coats said.