New Delhi, Nov 28: Nearly a week after Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT) reportedly carried out a cross-border attack killing 3 Indian soldiers in Machil, the Indian Army has made crucial recoveries from the site. During the search operation in Machil, the Indian Army found consumption and utility products with marking from Pakistan. On one product, the label of ‘Pakistan Defence Forces’ was also found. Apart from the above products which were suspectly carried by Pakistani intruders, a night vision sight device was also found. The device was engraved with the marking of ‘US Government Property’.

The recoveries made during the search operation has nailed Pakistan’s lies once again. It has been in a denial mode after the the Machil attack, saying that it had no role to play in it. 3 Indian soldiers were killed in the attack, and the body of one was brutally mutilated. As per reports which were emerging on November 22, it was firm that Pakistan’s BAT, comprising of both soldiers and non-state actors carried out the attack.

Pakistan’s denial raised the speculation whether the attack was carried out by terrorist groups rather than the Pakistani Army. However, the defence forces marking on the recovered products makes it clear that the assault was backed by the state.

Pakistan has been accused by India of using covert means to strike India. Defence experts have pointed out that Pakistan wants to indulge in guerilla warfare near the Line of Control (LoC). The turbulent borders also provides an opportunity to infiltrate terrorists in Kashmir Valley.