New Delhi, Mar 14: Pakistan on Tuesday accused India of intimidating and harassing its diplomats’ children while they were on their way to school. In a note verbale, Pakistan high commission alleged that the car of one of its senior diplomats with his children on board was blocked on road.

In another note, it said that the car was hit from behind by another car with Indian authorities on board. The children were on their way to a British school when they were allegedly harassed and blocked by Indian officials. Another Pakistani diplomat alleged to have had his car tailed on Thursday evening.

Although India hasn’t responded to the official communication from the Pakistan high commission, government sources said that the incident and the charges are being investigated. They also revealed that Indian diplomats are getting the same treatment in Pakistan.

“It’s a normal affair for an Indian diplomat to get blocked in the middle of the road,” a source was quoted as saying by Times of India. (Also Read: Pakistan Seeks Reciprocity For Its Diplomats in Delhi Golf Club, Gymkhana)

In the note verbale, Pakistan also warned that such incidents will not only endanger the lives of the children of its diplomats but also cause a major road accident.

“This deliberate bullying is not confined to a single isolated event, but continues unabated in a series of incidents, especially targeting the children of our officers and staff,” Pakistan said in a statement. To register a protest, India deputy high commissioner JP Singh was summoned by Pakistan on Tuesday.

On Monday, March 12, Pakistan’s ISI raided a residential complex for Indian diplomats in Islamabad. On the other hand, Pakistan issued a demarche to India saying it was becoming difficult for its diplomats to function in Delhi.

On February 16,  Indian high commissioner Ajay Bisaria met the Pakistan foreign secretary to strongly protest against such “multiple acts of hooliganism” against Indian diplomats in Pakistan. “Harassment is the new normal for Indian high commission personnel in Islamabad,” a source was quoted as saying.