New Delhi, Aug 2: The petrol and diesel prices were up again in Delhi and other cities as petrol prices in New Delhi on Wednesday stood at Rs 65.47 per litre as compared to Rs 65.40 per litre on Tuesday. The diesel prices have also increased by 6 paise. On Wednesday, August 2, the diesel prices in New Delhi are at Rs 55.64 against Rs 55.58 per litre on August 1.

The prices were slightly higher in other cities as well. In Mumbai, the price of petrol stands at Rs 74.63. On Tuesday, August 1, the price of petrol was Rs 74.56 per litre.

Prices of non-branded Petrol in metro-cities (Rs./Litre) on August 2

Metros Prices
New Delhi 65.47
Kolkata 68.61
Mumbai 74.63
Chennai 67.78

Prices of non-branded Petrol across National Capital Region (Rs./Litre)

Cities Prices
Faridabad 65.69
Gurgaon 65.45
Noida 68.73
Ghaziabad 68.62

Prices of non-branded Diesel in metro-cities (Rs./Litre)

Metros Prices
New Delhi 55.64
Kolkata 58.29
Mumbai 59.10
Chennai 58.55

Prices of non-branded Diesel across National Capital Region (Rs./Litre)

Cities Prices
Faridabad 56.12
Gurgaon 55.90
Noida 56.53
Ghaziabad 56.42

You can also check petrol price in your city for August 1 here. For diesel price, click here. The dynamic pricing of petrol began on May 1 to ensure best services to the customers and to ensure transparency in the pricing mechanism. While the daily dynamic pricing was implemented in Udaipur, Jamshedpur, Visakhapatnam, Chandigarh, and Puducherry on May 1, it was implemented across India from June 16, 2017.