New Delhi, Nov 13: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump held a bilateral dialogue in Manila on the sidelines of the India-ASEAN summit. After the meeting, PM Modi said the relations between India and US are growing and they go beyond the interests of only the two countries. He further said that the countries were working for future interests of Asia and the humanity. While thanking Donald Trump for meeting him again, PM Modi said that India would fulfill the expectation of the United States and the world.

“Relations between India and US are growing. Our relations go beyond, we are working for future interests of Asia and humanity,” he said.

US President Donald Trump said PM Modi had become his friend and that he was doing a great job as India’s prime minister. He said a lot of things would be solved if India and the US worked together.

While PM Modi said the two leaders discussed about the development of Asia, it is believed a range of issues had could have been discussed including boosting trade ties and cooperation on security-related issues.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had met the US President on a casual chit chat during a gala dinner. The two leaders appeared at ease with each other as they were seen sharing hand-shakes and laughter.

This was the first formal meeting between the two leaders after Japan proposed a quadrilateral alliance between India, China, Japan and Australia to counter China’s One Belt One Road initiative aimed at establishing economic dominance in the Indo-Pacific region. It might have also come up in the discussion.