Gurugram, Nov 10: The Gurgaon police had planted the weapon – a knife – used for attacking 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur  – on school bus conductor Ashok and declared the case as ‘solved’ within hours of beginning the investigation in the murder case.  The probe being conducted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has revealed that the knife belonged to the 16-year-old student of Ryan International School, who was detained on Wednesday. (ALSO READ – Pradyuman’s Murder: CBI Takes Accused Boy to Knife Shops to Reconstruct Crime)

A CBI officer reportedly told The Times of India that only one knife was recovered from the crime spot and it was brought to school by the juvenile. “The claim of the Gurgaon police has no basis whatsoever,” he was quoted as saying as he informed that the teenager himself guided a CBI team to the local shop from where he had purchased the knife. (ALSO READ – How CBI Reached to The Conclusion That Senior Ryan Student Committed The Crime)

Reports say that the 16-year-old has confessed to crime in front of his father. During the interrogation, he also revealed that Pradyuman didn’t get time to react or resist the attack and he left the toilet within seconds after slitting the throat of the Class 2 kid.

“The murder weapon was recovered from the commode of the washroom where it had been thrown by the accused juvenile who committed the crime so that the exams could be postponed,” CBI source said.

Bus Conductor to File Case Against Cops

Meanwhile, the family of Ashok has decided to file a case against police officers who “framed” him in the case. “Now it is almost clear that my son Ashok was framed and made a scapegoat. We have decided to file a case against Gurgaon Police SIT officers who framed, tortured and even drugged to confess before the media that he had committed the crime,” said Ashok’s father Amirchand.

Seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur was murdered on September 8 and the case was with the Gurgaon police for 13 days. The investigation in the case was then taken over by the CBI.

The Gurgaon Police arrested Ashok in hurry. During a press conference, the Gurgaon Police Commissioner Sandeep Khairwar had declared that Ashok was the killer and he had tried to sexually assault the Class 2 boy. “The case was taken over by the CBI before we concluded our investigation and came on final decision. We had arrested Ashok on the basis factual evidence,” Khirwar had said.