New Delhi, Nov 13: Four Gurugram policemen are under scanner for allegedly fudging evidence to implicate the bus conductor, Ashok Kumar, in the murder of seven-year-old Ryan International student, Pradyuman Thakur.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) sources have told NDTV that investigation has revealed illegality and destruction of evidence by the police in the sensational murder. They said that the police didn’t examine the 16-year-old boy— detained for the alleged murder– who was seen in the CCTV footage with the Class 2 student.

The senior Ryan student was allegedly not investigated by the police despite both him and Kumar had gone to the toilet around the time of his murder. The CBI is investigating this aspect of the case with the angle that the knife might be planted on Ashok Kumar to incriminate him in the shocking crime. Family of Ashok Kumar said that he was coerced into admitting the crime.

A Class 11 student was detained by the premier agency last week for allegedly killing the boy to postpone the examination. The CBI claimed that the boy had confessed to the crime and that he had exam-phobia. It is reported that the boy had told his friends that the exams will be postponed ahead of the crime.

TOI reported that the accused had known Pradyuman as both went to piano classes in the school. The accused called him to the toilet on the pretext of asking for a favour and slashed his throat. CBI sources claimed that he gave out gory details of his crime. He said the victim vomited blood after the first slash. The deeper gash was formed after Pradyuman fell on the knife.