New Delhi, Nov 13: 7-year-old Ryan International School student, Pradyuman Thakur, who was found murdered inside school toilet on September 8, had known the 16-year-old senior detained for allegedly committing the gory crime. A report said that both students attended piano classes together at the Bhondsi branch of the reputed school.

That they were known to each other might have proved lethal for the Class 2 student who was found in a pool of blood with his throat slit. Times of India  reported that the detained accused told members of the juvenile board that he returned to the ground floor with a knife after leaving his bag in his class room– he had bought the knife from a shop in Sohna.

He asked Pradyuman to accompany him to the toilet on the pretext of asking a favour from him and slit his throat with the knife. He further said that Pradyuman vomited blood after the first strike. He received the second cut as he fell on the knife. The clothes of the accused didn’t get blood-stained as Pradyuman was wearing the bag on his back, which acted as shield.

After the attack, he left the knife in the washroom and went out to raise false alarm. He also confessed that he was afraid of exams and wanted to postpone the exams. The accused was sent to a juvenile home till November 22.

The father of the Class 11 boy had alleged that his son was being tortured.

“My son is being tortured, he was hung upside down and brutally thrashed. He is completely innocent,” he told news agency ANI. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who had taken him in custody for three days, denied the charges.

The boy’s father also made a case for his innocence. He said the boy was good at studies.  “Do you think such a young boy would behave normally for so many days had he committed such a serious crime?” he said.