New Delhi, April 16: Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan has filed a criminal complaint against author Madhu Kishwar for her “provocative” tweets. Bhushan alleged that Madhu used her Twitter handle to put up “misleading and false information”. In a tweet, Bhushan said his complaint had been filed under sections 153A, 295A and 505 of IPC against “fake news purveyor” Madhu who “thinks she can get away without accountability”. Tweeting from his official handle, Bhushan said, “Time to call her bluff.”

He said Madhu’s tweets were meant to incite communal hatred. He also shared a screenshot of one of Madhu’s tweets on Kathua rape and murder which read,”Very likely that family accused of rape has been scapegoated. Murder (of  8-yr-old) suspected to be handiwork of jehadi #Rohigyas settled by PDP in Jammu region. Since Jammu people angry at settling criminal Rohingyas in Hindu areas, Mehbooba used this murder as counterblast strategy.”

In his complaint, Bhushan said the information in the above tweet was incorrect, reports India Today. “In using the word ‘Jehadi’ for the Rohingya community, she has spread falsehood which will cause harm to the reputation of the ethnic refugee community, flare communal tensions and incite hatred towards this helpless community,” he said.