New Delhi, July 17: The Punjab government on Monday stated that it will review the provision of extension of retirement age for two years, over and above the age of 58 years, for government employees. In this regard, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that the retirement age might be fixed at 58 in order to increase employment opportunities for the younger generation.

Chief Minister Singh who was addressing the media on Monday in this regard, justified this move by saying that his government was mulling a policy change to fix 58 years as retirement age to generate more employment opportunities for the state’s youth. While he emphasised that the matter was still in the process of discussion, he said that only after a detailed analysis of the impact of this decision is completed, any policy change will take place.

“But the issue is still under discussion. The matter is being reviewed and a policy decision would be taken only after detailed analysis of the implications of any change with regard to the existing policy,” Amarinder said.

The previous Shiromani Akali Dal government in Punjab had changed the policy for some categories of government employees, allowing the retirement age to be increased to 60 years instead of 58, keeping in line with several other Indian states where the retirement age is 60.

This decision, if implemented is expected to have lasting effect on the number of employed personnel in the state of Punjab. Hence, the review of the State Government in this regard is understandable. The opposition is yet to comment on the issue.