Ludhiana, July 16: Gulping down a few sips of soft drink landed Ludhiana resident Lekh Raj in the hospital on Saturday when he found a dead lizard in the packaged bottle of a reputed beverage company. 32-year-old Railway employee Lekh Raj ordered a packaged bottle of soft drink from the department canteen. After sipping the cold drink, he found something unusual with it. Later, Lekh Raj was taken aback to find a dead lizard in the packaged bottle.

Fearing the level of adulteration, Lekh Raj was scared about poisoning. Sensing the gravity of the situation, the colleagues of the employee informed Rakesh Saini, divisional mechanical engineer (diesel), who referred him to the railway hospital. A colleague of Lekh Raj was quoted by Indiatimes as saying, “We informed Rakesh Saini, divisional mechanical engineer (diesel), Ludhiana who immediately referred him to a nearby railway hospital.”

After receiving First Aid by Dr Madhuri Kalundia in the hospital, the employee was transferred to the city hospital. As the dreadful incident unfolded, all packaged bottles were removed from the canteen and sent for further investigation. Satendra Kumar, Senior section engineer (general) informed a formal complaint was lodged with the company. However, this is not the first incidence when people had complained about the adulteration in soft drink.