New Delhi, Dec 8: The Congress on Thursday suspended senior leader Mani Shankar Aiyar from the primary membership of the party for his calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi neech aadmi. Aiyar, who had made infamous chaiwala remark against Modi, was ousted after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi sharply disapproved the language used by him. An Allahabad man, who claims to be a Congress leader, celebrated Aiyar’s exit with an interesting poster featuring Rahul Gandhi in cricketer’s avatar.

In the poster, released by Haseeb Ahmad, Rahul Gandi’s picture is morphed with an Indian batsman who is seen hitting the ball out of the field. The ball is morphed with the picture of Mani Shankar Aiyar. “Well done, Rahul Bahiya,” reads the poster, crediting party’s vice president for action against Aiyar. The poster is being circulated on social media and in WhatsApp groups celebrating the ouster of Aiyar, who would often stoke trouble for the Congress.

Rahul Gandhi deprecated Aiyar’s language against the Prime Minister and asked him to apologize, which the former Union Minister did, claiming his knowledge of Hindi was not good. Aiyar clarified that he never called Modi a “low born”. As Aiyar’s remarks that Modi was a “neech aadmi” (low-life) in the context of his criticism of the Congress vis-a-vis B.R. Ambedkar snowballed, PM Modi referred to it in an election meeting in Surat and attacked the Congress leader, saying he had called him a “neech jaati” (low caste).