New Delhi, September 12:  Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday slammed the Modi government over a host of issues including religious intolerance and “unilateral” decisions like demonetisation of high-valued notes. Speaking at a session in University of California, Bekerley, he said that “violence, anger and the politics of polarisation have raised their ugly head in India”.

“The politics of polarization is very dangerous. Hatred, anger and violence can destroy us. Liberal journalists are being shot. People are being lynched, Dalits are being killed over suspicions of carrying beef, Muslims are killed over suspicions of eating beef, all this is new in India,” TOI quoted him as saying.

The Congress scion attacked the Modi government, saying that violence was becoming mainstream, while the idea of non-violence was under attack.

Attacking PM Modi over demonetisation, Rahul said that the decision was taken with asking the Chief Economic Advisor and Parliament, and they have caused tremendous damage. He also criticised Modi government’s hastily implemented GST.

Rahul Gandhi introspected the reason for Congress party’s debacle in 2014, and poor show in state assemblies subsequently. He said that arrogance crept in the party after 2012, and the leaders stopped conversing with people.

He further alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would not talk to people, including party MPs. He claimed that BJP workers had told him about this.