New Delhi, Sept 20: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh reiterated its stand that ‘secularism’ is deliberately imposed in Indian polity. Calling it a ‘foreign concept’, the right-wing body opined that those masquerading behind secularism are instead injecting communalism in the Indian society.

RSS conducted a seminar of columnists in Chennai on Saturday, which was attended by 80 renowned writers in the southern belt. At the event, RSS’s All India Prachar Pramukh Manmohan Vaidya said, “The perversion of the concept of secularism in India has resulted in the terming of nationalists as communal and people with communal thinking being hailed as secular.” (ALSO READ: Rajasthan: IPS officer allegedly targeted by BJP govt for acting against Bajrang Dal, VHP rioters)

Vaidya claimed that B R Ambedkar, the chairman of constitution drafting committee was against inclusion of the term secular in the preamble, since he believed India was inherently a secular nation.

he Bharatiya tradition has from time immemorial regarded all faiths and sects as one and that the artificial injection of secularism is not needed in a society as hospitable and assimilative as Hindu society,” Vaidya added.

Further validating his point, Vaidya said: “secularism evolved along the themes of separation of the Church and State in Europe and since India doesn’t have a history of theocratic states, the concept of secularism is irrelevant in the Indian context.”

Triggering off another controversy, the senior RSS functionary raised objections over the tricolour of the Indian flag. According to Vaidya, the usage of different colours to represent different religions in India, was bound to evoke a communal thought. He claimed that the Congress Working Committee in 1931, demanded a saffron flag with the blue chakra at the centre of it. “That would have been the best representation of Indian ethos,” he added.