New Delhi, Nov 9: Pradyuman Thakur, 7, was murdered inside the washroom of his school in Gurugram on September 8. Hours after the city police arrested bus conductor Ashok Kumar for the heinous crime. The cops claimed he has confessed to his crime. Exactly two months after, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has turned the case on its head.

The CBI rubbished the the probe conducted by the Gurgaon Police and claimed that a Class 11 student of Ryan International School was the real culprit and not bus conductor Ashok Kumar. The central probe agency said it has enough evidence to prove that the teenager, who was sent to three-day CBI custody by a juvenile court, slit Pradyuman’s throat inside the washroom.

According to CBI’s theory, the Class 11 student committed the crime to get his exams and Parents-Teachers Meeting (PTM) postponed.

“The Class 11 student lured Pradyuman inside (the washroom) on the pretext of discussing something important, and within seconds, slit his throat. Somebody was going to die that day. He came prepared that he was going to use the knife he was carrying on someone. Pradyuman just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time,” The Times of India quoted a senior CBI officer as saying.

“I Just Did it”

During interrogation, the accused reportedly told CBI officers that he randomly targeted Pradyuman and didn’t think much before slashing his throat with a knife that he carried to the school. “I went blank and just did it,” the boy told CBI officers.

The CBI also claimed that the student was weak in studies but was famous among school students for his piano playing abilities. During the investigation, CBI sleuths learnt from the teenager’s classmates that he had been bragging that he would get the exam postponed so they don’t need to study.

“The accused also used to often bunk classes and was found in music room. His interest was in music, not so much in his studies. His popularity could be the reason that Pradyuman easily went inside the washroom with him,” the CBI officer added.

Some of the classmates of the accused even described him as “as “aggressive and “a bully”, India Today reported.

What Led CBI to Class 11 Student

A CBI spokesperson said the agency analysed CCTV footage, showing the movement of people in and out of the toilet, on the basis of which it narrowed the list of suspects. The agency has not found any evidence of sexual assault, he said.

The CBI was able to piece together elements of the crime by analysing CCTV footage, scientific and forensic examination, analysis of the crime scene and by questioning students, teachers and staff of the school.

Based on CCTV footage and crime scene analysis, the agency examined all potential suspects and witnesses. The list included 125 teachers and students.

“My Son Innocent, Being Framed”

The father of the high school student told a television channel that his son was innocent and they had been cooperating with the police from day one. “My son didn’t do anything. He informed the gardener and teachers after finding Pradyuman’s body. He stayed in the school the entire day, and appeared for the exam. There was not even a single spot of blood on my son’s clothes,” the father said.

(With inputs from PTI)