New Delhi, Nov 30: Congress party leader Shehzad Poonawalla on Wednesday questioned Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi‘s expected elevation as Congress president claiming that the Presidential polls for the party president are rigged to favour dynasty. Questioning the process of organisational elections in the Congress party, Poonawalla claimed that the elevations in the grand-old party have been through “selections not elections”.

“Raising an issue nobody in my party – the Congress will have guts to raise- my conscience will not allow me to stay quiet anymore on Dynasty/ sychophancy,” he posted on Twitter before appearing in a News TV show.

“Which state president of Congress party was elected? Was vice president of the Congress party elected in 2013? Was Rahul Gandhi elected as general secretary in 2007?” asked Shehzad Poonawalla, adding, “Let Congress come out and say that all delegates who will vote for Rahul Gandhi in the election have been elected.” He also challenged Rahul Gandhi to allow his leadership be tested through an election.

Poonawalla told the Indian Express that he would like to contest the Congress Presidential polls against the Congress vice-president but “there is no point in somebody contesting against Rahul Gandhi in a rigged election.” He added: “The party should announce that the presidential polls are open for dynasts and that they do not allow anybody to take posts. Then, it is fair and being honest.”

He claimed that he cannot contest the party presidential elections as the PCC delegates, who form the electoral college, are handpicked by state Congress presidents, appointed by Rahul Gandhi’s mother Sonia Gandhi. He also asked Rahul Gandhi to resign as Congress vice president and contest the election.

Quoting a Congress spokesperson who had earlier said that a Gandhi would be president of the party for the next 50 years, Poonawalla asked if the Presidential post directly or indirectly reserved for Gandhis? “Even if one was to contest against you, it would be the equivalent of vying for a vote from a mother who is choosing between her own less talented son and the more talented, outsider,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shehzad Poonawalla’s brother Tehseen Poonawalla reacted to his brother’s claims saying that he is stunned by what he is doing at the time when the Congress party is winning the Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017. “I officially give up all relationship with him politically. The Congress needs @OfficeOfRG to be the president,” he further added.

Asking the party leaders to contest in the Congress Presidential polls, Tehsin said, “Anyone in the @INCIndia can contest against @OfficeOfRG . If @Shehzad_Ind wants he should contest ..This is simply unacceptable to Mona n me. To say I am hurt today is an understatement.”