How often has the ‘corporate bullshit’ been a cause of concern for the urban middle-class in India. The logic is bizarre or often the ‘corporate jargon’ is a mode to cover-up lack of concrete reason. Here is a an audio recording by a former Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) employee of the day she was sacked from her company. The Human Resource (HR) department does well to ensure that she has a smooth transition to her new company and adequately compensates her, but fails to provide a good enough reason as to why she was sacked.

During the course of the interview, the HR says that there are various parameters for her sacking – one of which is her performance while the rest are blindly coated with corporate jargon. In short, no clear reason has been stated. The woman employee defends herself well stating that across three years, as per the ratings received from her immediate senior, she has always met expectations and time and again, exceeded that too. Never has she fallen below her expectations.

Having said this, the HR team failed to produce a decent enough explanation and says that the other reasons for her sacking are privy to the top management. The ridiculous defense put by the HR team of TCS brings to light yet again the growing discouragement of the Indian urban middle-class, working in the country’s corporate that fails to offer stability of job. And when they have to sack, even a good performer can be sacked without receiving any valid explanation.

This is a shoddy show by one of the most renowned companies and top brands in the country. They certainly haven’t given a good account of being an employer one would like to work with. They have set another unfortunate example of ‘corporate bullshit’