Sonia Gandhi, Party’s President Onslaughts again at NDA to Law makers today. In a speech in Parliament Sonia said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s new government is following through on the policies that were drafted or introduced by the Congress-led government that was decimated in the May election.

Sonia said “Narrow political considerations cannot take.” She added that “NDA hasn’t broken new grounds, they imitated our schemes”. Sonia also said that she gave notice earlier to Parliament, to discuss on communal violence first.

“The moment BJP behaves in dictatorial way we will stand up and fight”, said Sonia. She challenged that numbers have reduced in Lokh Sabha but not in Rajya Sabha. Sonia accused that “BJP has nothing new to offer, welcome to steal our ideas.” Later, Sonia said, “Increase in Sectarian violence since new government took over”.

BJP retaliated by saying, “BJP is secular to the core, and dedicated towards development”. On Tuesday, at a meeting in Kerala, Sonia said that in state like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, communal violence in past 11 weeks “increased drastically” since BJP has come to power.

“During UPA 1 and 2, there were hardly such instances. But in a very short span we have had nothing less than 600 incidents of communal violence in UP and perhaps as many in Maharashtra. Why suddenly all these communal instances after the BJP came to power? These instances are deliberately created to divide our society on religious lines. We must condemn this,” she said.

Last week, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice president Rahul Gandhi protested in Lokh Sabha demanding aggressively a discussion on communal violence. Later, Rahul accused the Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, of being biased and alleged that only one man is heard in Parliament”, an allusion to PM Narendra Modi. The government finally agreed to have a debate, which is expected today.

In a newspaper interview Mrs. Gandhi alleged that communal violence in Uttar Pradesh was “artificially and deliberately engineered” as part of a strategy to “divide the poor,” clearly aiming at the BJP.

On Saturday at BJP meeting Mr. Modi squelched that “Despite their humiliating defeat, those who cannot move away from vote-bank politics are harming the social fabric…This politics of promoting polarisation and divisiveness for electoral gain must end.”

By Sree Krishna Raman