Sunil Buch is the CEO ZEE LIVE & ZEE Talent | Head – Corporate Brand & Communications. Responsible for driving the LIVE Events, Theatre and Talent businesses, that are beyond the mainstay of broadcasting, Sunil plays a key role in leveraging content assets across ZEEL’s ecosystem.

Sunil also heads Corporate Brand and Communication and is responsible for a synergized communication approach at a network level, targeted towards key internal & external stakeholders.

With his rich experience of over two decades, Sunil plays a pivotal role in optimally leveraging content & network assets across ZEEL’s ecosystem.

The digital age has completely reshaped the way we read. From real time news updates to Shakespearean literature, everything can now be read on a device that fits in one hand. As we continue to make remarkable technological advancements, Sunil Buch, CEO of ZEE LIVE & ZEE Talent; and Head of Corporate Brand & Communications; is hoping to reignite a passion for the written word.

“Television is all about great writing and over the past 25 years, ZEE has emerged as a global entertainment powerhouse on the back of its engaging and innovative content driven by strong storylines and iconic characters,” Buch said. “As we cope with these current digital times and embrace the power of technology, we firmly believe that it is crucial to keep the love for the written word alive. Initiatives like ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival are a step towards nurturing and spreading the spirit of love towards literature.”

Founded in 1992, ZEE has earned a global recognition in its reign over the media and entertainment industry for the past 25 years. As a global brand, ZEE entertains more than one billion viewers across the world. ZEE also enjoys a presence in 172 countries, offering a rich bouquet of 32 channels in India and 39 dedicated channels for the international markets.

In its two decade-long journey, ZEE has not just formed a family of millions of viewers, but has also enriched the lives of all the internal as well as external stakeholders, including the shareholders, bankers, investors, employees and business partners. The world-renowned media brand is always looking to acquire unique properties, so when discussions about a partnership with the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) arose, ZEE’s corporate team saw an opportunity for synergy.

ZEE has been sponsoring JLF since 2014, but this year’s  but this is the first time it has extended the sponsorship to the Boulder chapter. ZEE and Teamwork Arts, JLF’s production team, have been successfully partnering with the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival in India for over four years. The expansion overseas, which includes this week’s ZEE JLF in Boulder, Colorado, Buch said,  was a natural next step.

“ZEE has long been considered as the cultural ambassador of the nation to the world, and our choice of associating with the international editions appears to perfectly match our endeavour of opening channels of dialogue between authors, poets, and thinkers from around the world,” he said.

Buch said that with ‘Jaipur’ in the title, it is natural to associate ZEE JLF with India, but over the 10 years of its existence, it is the world that has come to Jaipur. The Festival has transcended boundaries and is popularly described as“the greatest literary show on Earth.” Drawing over 500,000 people from all parts of the globe, the Festival brings together some of the world’s greatest minds from all walks of life including authors, humanitarians, historians, politicians, business leaders, sports people and entertainers, to participate in an exchange of thoughts, culture and ideas.

“ZEE JLF serves as a beacon of free speech around the world and has given rise to more than 200 other literature festivals, both in India and other countries,” Buch said. “While the world is going digital and chasing technological advancements, there is no replacement for the written word. It is time we put pen to paper and re-ignite peoples’ love towards literature.”

With the goal of spreading love of the written word, Buch hopes that events like the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival will shed light on the significance the need to preserve classical literature.

“In this current digital age, the youth are less likely to spare time to actually sit down and read a book, even if it’s in the form of a Kindle Edition or an audio podcast,” he said. “They are also less inclined to look up to renowned novelists or poets like Rabindranath Tagore, George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway or Margaret Atwood as their heroes, while instead idolizing super heroes of the virtual world.”

This year, ZEE JLF is expecting more than 10,000 people to attend from throughout the U.S and around the world. Boulder has been voted the brainiest city in the U.S. with more Ph.D.s per capita than any other US city, as well as the happiest and foodiest city, and Buch feels that it is the perfect host city to explore new thoughts and ideas, and debate contentious issues from race and religion to history and philosophy.

“Each edition of the Festival adds a new dimension on how we can improve our life which aptly ties in with this year’s theme of ‘Freedom to Dream,’” he said. “Our aim is to bring all attendees together to engage in relevant, provocative debates and conversations around this core theme that will enlighten audiences on how to make the world a better place to live in.”

This year’s program in Boulder, Colorado, will feature nearly 70 guest speakers, including high-profile guests such as Larry Pressler, former Congressman; Alberto Ruy Sanchez, writer and poet; Amber Cantorna, writer and LGBT activist; Amy Stolls, writer; Anne Hillerman, writer and journalist; Anosh Irani, writer; Anita Anand, writer and broadcaster; Irene Vilar, writer and activist; Ishaan Tharoor, journalist; among many others. To view the complete list, click here.

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