Bengaluru, May 20: A case of superstition has come forward from the state of Karnataka where villagers emptied the water of a lake to witness surplus amount of rainfall in upcoming monsoon. The incident of drying out the lake comes amid the prevailing drought in the state.

This was reported by The New Indian Express. In a village Hubballi district, a deity asked the villagers to empty the water of the lake to enjoy a good amount of rainfall this year. This comes when many places in India are going dry due to the intense heat in the country. Following the advice of the deity, the water in Ramdurg lake in Kottur Taluk was flushed out on Tuesday night by breaking bund wall.

This incident came to light after few villagers spotted the lake to be completely dry and the incident was paved by few youngsters. As per a resident of the village, the youths heard rumours of a divine voice to dry out the lake. The youngsters also claimed that the deity was unhappy to see the lake filled with water and that’s why the village did not receive rain for past three years.

And the only way to please God was:  dry out the lake. The district received a decent amount of rainfall two weeks ago and the water in the lake increased. Though the village was thirsty for rain, the residents never used the lake water for irrigation purpose, they only stored water in it.

Others villagers believe that fishermen could be behind this incident as many fishes were removed from the lake once the water level decreased on Thursday.

On the other hand, Social activists in Hubballi hinted towards the caste wars, adding, if someone from small cast uses lake water then people from the upper caste do no use that water.