New Delhi, December 2: Furthering its agenda to promote and cultivate a respect for the National Anthem, the Supreme Court might put out a directive making it mandatory in all courts of the country. However, in order to consider the plea, it has demanded that a formal petition be filed by the lawyer who first raked up the issue.

Other than asking the lawyer to file a proper plea, the Supreme Court has also sought the assistance of the Attorney General in resolving the matter. The announcement comes just days after the Supreme Court passed a controversial directive demanding that all movie theaters in the country play the national anthem before screening a film.

The Supreme Court judgment  on Wednesday that made playing the national anthem in cinema theaters before the commencement of a film mandatory, was delivered by a bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Amitava Roy. The justices underlined that the measure would ‘instil a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism’ in citizens.  The root of the new measures taken with respect to the National Anthem aims at instilling a sense of national identity, integrity, and constitutional patriotism.

The top court has, however, made it very clear that the national anthem could not be commercially exploited and that no entity could either dramatise it or use it in abridged form. The National Anthem is to be played along with the image of the tricolor and people must stand up in respect.

Delivering the judgement, the Supreme Court had said,  “Time has come for people to realise that the national anthem is a symbol of constitutional patriotism…people must feel they live in a nation and this wallowing individually perceived notion of freedom must go…people must feel this is my country, my motherland.”All states and union territories, along with the national capital have one week to enforce the directive.