New Delhi, March 24: Hours after Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah wrote a letter to Andhra Pradesh CM and termed his decision to snap ties with NDA as “unfortunate and unilateral”, the TDP chief on Saturday hit back at the BJP chief saying that he’s been spreading lies about Andhra Pradesh that hurt the sentiments of the Telugu people.

“TDP had won local body elections before bifurcation. After bifurcation, people were in an insecure position. We allied with BJP for welfare of state. Amit Shah in his letter wrote we quit NDA for political reasons. But we did so in accordance with people’s aspirations,” Chandrababu Naidu said.

Lamenting that despite being the highest contributor of CGST, the state is lagging behind, Naidu said, “Andhra Pradesh is the highest contributor to CGST. Despite our strong efforts and better development in GDP, Andhra is still lagging behind all the southern states in per capita income,” he said.

Accusing the Centre of pushing the state 10 years back with “unscientific division”, Naidu said, “Centre is responsible for that. You claim you’re sensitive to our problems. But in reality, you too were equally responsible for passing bifurcation bill within 20 minutes behind closed doors.” He said that the Centre failed to come to state’s rescue.

Defending the TDP’s decision to snap ties with NDA, it was done to respect the sentiments of the people of the state who were feeling betrayed by the Central government.

Earlier in the day, Amit Shah wrote a letter to Andhra Pradesh CM and termed his decision unfortunate and unilateral. “This decision is both unfortunate as well as unilateral. It’s a decision; I am afraid, will be construed as being guided wholly and solely by political considerations instead of developmental concerns.

“The Bharatiya Janata Party has been a firm believer in the concept of politics of performance and development for all has been our guiding principle. Andhra Pradesh figures very prominently on our agenda of National Development and it is widely known that Union govt led by PM Modi has left no stone unturned in ensuring the growth and prosperity of AP,” Shah further wrote in the letter.