New Delhi, Nov 11: United Airlines temporarily suspended all flights to Delhi due to prevailing smog conditions in the capital. According to reports, in a bid to not miff its passengers, the airline is also offering travel waivers.

A report on Friday stated that the airlines said it was temporarily suspending all flights to Delhi as the region is under a health emergency. They said they are monitoring the situation and are coordinating with concerned government agencies.

CNN Money quoted a representative of the airline, who said that they are monitoring advisories as the region is under a public health emergency. They issued a travel waiver on Thursday according to which customers travelling to Delhi between November 9 to November 13 can book a comparable ticket leaving on or before November 18 at no additional cost.

The company also reportedly stated that at times when severe weather or major events seem to impact their operations, they issue travel waivers to allow the passengers change to alternate flights without paying anything extra as the changing fee.

It is not known if competing airlines Virgin Atlantic, Etihad and KLM offered any similar waiver.

Delhi and parts of other North Indian states have been engulfed in smog since Monday, raising serious health concern. With air pollutants, especially PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels over ten times higher than admissible levels the health ministry issued advisories to people living in the city. Delhi schools were also shut for the week.

However, on Saturday, the smog levels decreased but pollutants in the air remained in the ‘severe’ category.