Guwahati, June 18: The Adivasi community in the state of Assam has expressed its anger by burning the effigies of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath as a 10-year-old photo of a stripped woman surfaced from a Facebook account bearing the name of UP CM. The anger was visible in several places in Assam, reported Hindustan Times. 

This anger burst out 5 days after the photo was posted online from the account of Yogi Adityanath which apparently has close to 95,000 followers. The post shows that men are chasing and kicking a woman who was stripped. With the post was a text in Hindi saying two pictures were of Congress workers in the state of West Bengal which was targeting a Hindu woman.

The wrath of Adivasis escalated to see that the photo was posted on the social media giant without even blurring the face of the woman. Besides burning the effigies of Adityanath, Adivasis also burnt the effigies of  Tezpur BJP MP RP Sharma after he shared the post on his FB page. On Monday, the Adivasis have planned to carry out demonstrations against the two.

Deben Orang, a central committee member of All Adivasi Students Association of Assam, called the incident a shameful act of UP CM.  “UP CM had posted the photo and tried to display that it was an event from Bengal. A woman’s dignity wasn’t respected,” Orang told the newspaper. Today he also lodged a complaint against the 21st CM of UP but a case is yet to be filed.

Against refraining from filing a case, NN Barik, in-charge of Moranhat police station- where the complaint has been received, stated: ” It’s a high profile case and is a sensitive issue so we have forwarded the matter to senior officials.” Apparently, the Facebook page which posted this photo does not have a blue tick, which means it’s done from a fake account.