New Delhi, September 16: Union Minister of State for Tourism and IT Alphons Kannanthanam on Saturday justified the skyrocketing fuel prices across the country saying those who can afford a vehicle can even pay for the increasing petrol price. “Who buys petrol? Somebody who has a car, bike and certainly he is not starving. Somebody who can afford to pay has to pay,” said Kannanthanam.

Speaking to the media, he stated that government is going to tax people who can afford to pay as it (development) is going to cost an enormous amount of money. Our government is here for the welfare of the downtrodden, ensure electricity in every village, make houses, build toilets, asserted Kannanthanam.

The money that we receive from the high fuel price would be punched towards the development of the country, the Union Minister had stated on September 15. Terming the soaring fuel price as a necessary evil, he stated money is required to build roads, public toilets etc.

Further justifying the swollen fuel price, he went on to say it was nothing wrong to charge a higher amount to those filling fuel in their vehicle for the purpose development.

The fuel prices fluctuate daily but below is the price of fuel put up on September 15 across various cities of the country.

Delhi: Rs 70.30 per litre.

Mumbai: 79.48 a litre. Two days ago the fuel in Mumbai was being sold for a little below Rs 80 a litre.

Kolkata: 73.12

Chennai: 72.95

Ghaziabad: 72.42

Noida: 72.50

Ranchi: 71.60

Bhopal: 76.70

The Congress party on Friday lashed out at the Modi government saying it is looting the common people by hiking the fuel prices. On September 20, Congress will launch a nationwide protest against the fuel price hikes and collect 10 lakh signatures which will be submitted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, announced Congress spokesperson Ajay Maken on Friday.