New Delhi, September 18: A report says that VIPs at an average get three cops to protect them from any threat, whereas for every 663 commoners there is only one policeman. This massive disparity underlines that VIP culture still thrives in the country despite promises from politicians that they were against special treatment to VIPs.

Data compiled by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, accessed by TOI, says that 56,944 cops protect 20,000 VIPs across India. This means that average 2.73 cops protect every VIP. This average comes dismally low for the citizens of the country who pay the taxes.

The data says that the trend of keeping security is more prevalent in north and east India. In Bihar, 3,200 VIPs are being protected by 6,248 cops. In West Bengal, 2,207 VIPs are protected by 4,233 cops. Interestingly, only 501 are officially sanctioned for this purpose, reported TOI.

The state of Punjab has 5,315 cops protecting 1,852 VIPs; Jammu and Kashmir has 2,075 VIPs secured by 4,499 police personnel. 489 VIPs are given protection in Delhi and a whopping 7,420 policemen are deployed for this purpose.

Southern states do better as a relatively low number of policemen are deployed for VIP protection.Maharashtra has only 74 protected persons secured by 961 cops, while Kerala has only 57 VIPs protected by 214 policemen.