Mumbai, Feb 17: The netizens are taking a dig at Bharatiya Janta Party after one of the videos of the “Western Style” birthday celebration of a BJP leader went viral on the internet. According to Maharashtra Today, the video reportedly was shot at the birthday celebration of a local BJP member Soneya Naik in which members are dancing to the tune of old Bollywood songs.

The video reportedly has drawn ire of the senior BJP leaders who have asked five BJP members present at the party to resign. BJP and its affiliates have been opposing the party culture. Even, the party’s one of the major election issues in Goa assembly elections is to curb the growing party culture at beaches. One Twitter user reacted to the whole incident, “How to celebrate Sanskari Mata-Pita day? Learn from the BJP Mira Road Bhayander team. Pls watch the video & become sanskari.”