New Delhi, Apr 2: Minister of State For External Affairs General (Retd) VK Singh arrived in Amritsar on Monday with the mortal remains of 38 Indians who were killed by ISIS in Iraq. The leader will hand over the bodies to the families of the deceased. He will leave for Kolkata and then Bihar to hand over the remaining bodies.

VK Singh said the Central government had not left any stones unturned to bring them alive. Talking about the workers, he said they had gone to Iraq through illegal agents; hence, the government was not aware of their whereabouts.  He further appealed to workers to go through legal agents.

Talking about government jobs to the family members of the deceased, he said: “This is not a game of football. Both state and central govt are sensitive governments. EAM had asked the families for the details of their members who can be given jobs etc, we will review.” (Also read: Punjab Government Announces Ex-Gratia of Rs 5 Lakh, Govt Job For Families of 27 Indians From The State Killed in Iraq)

The Minister said the body of the 39th worker was not released by the Iraqi authorities as the DNA test was only 70 per cent complete.

General VK Singh on Monday tweeted a video in which he was seen carrying a coffin to the C-17 plane. “The burden of certain responsibilities is great,” he tweeted.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj announced in Parliament recently that the 39 Indians kidnapped by the ISIS in 2014 in Mosul had been killed at Badush. She said that their bodies were identified using deep penetration radar. The mortal remains were sent for DNA examination, which confirmed that the bodies were of the 38 Indians. The body of one worker from Bihar could not be identified.

40 Indian workers were abducted by ISIS in 2014 when the terrorist group invaded Mosul. One of them escaped the clutches of Islamic State by posing as a Muslim from Bangladesh. The remaining 39 were taken to Badoosh and killed. They were buried in a mass grave.