Kolkata, April 21: At least nine people were killed and five others were injured as crude bombs exploded inside a house at Luvpur in Birbhum district of West Bengal. According to a report, clashes between Trinamool Congress and CPI-M were going on in the area since Friday morning.

The police officials who later attended the spot said after the explosion, bodies were strewn and scattered all over the area. The roof of the hut where the explosion took place was blown after the blast.

One of the eyewitnesses present at the spot said, “Some unknown people were living in the house for some months. We were not aware who they were. After the explosion occurred some people gathered and removed some bodies. The house was completely blown off.”

A few days ago, at same place Trinamool Congress and CPI-M clashed between themselves, villagers said. When the blast took place some believed that the explosion and bombing was a fallout of the clashes between two political parties.

The bombing in the area also left some school students injured. A school teacher said that the ongoing examination in a nearby school had to be cancelled as most of the students were panicked after bombings.

Arun Chakrabarty, Trinamool Block President said, “Trinamool Congress has no links with the explosion. CPI-M miscreants were engaged in illegal work and the explosion was fall out of that.”

Sand Mafia angle

Some report suggests that today’s blast has some links with the sand mafia which is a major problem in the state and the latest incident proves that the TMC government has not succeeded in ending it. According to a report, in Birbhum and Burdwan districts that are home to a number of prominent leaders of the state.

The leaders of Opposition claim that the sand and mining mafia is not just a law and order problem in the district but it had also a reason behind the growing factional feud in the TMC. The sand mafia generates revenue worth Rs 70 crore a month and most of the mafia are controlled by leaders of the TMC. Around 80 illegal sand mines are located in Birbhum out of which 30 are located on the banks of Mayurakshi River and some 25 around Ajay River.