The new President of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Amit Shah announced his new pan-India team on Saturday. Popularly known as the right hand of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah made sure that his team had both young blood and experienced leaders in its ranks. The list of national office bearers saw the inclusion of former Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa as the Vice President of BJP. The inclusion of RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav as General Secretary came as a surprise for many. One of most surprising decision of the announcement was the exclusion of Varun Gandhi as the party’s General’s Secretary. Why was the Gandhi-scion dropped from the national office bearers list?

Only a couple of weeks ago, Union Minister of Women and Child Development in one of her public meetings had pitched her son Varun Gandhi’s name as the next Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. At the moment when everyone was expecting the elevation in the ranks of Sanjay Gandhi’s son, he was debunked from the list.

Is there a bigger role in kitty for Varun Gandhi? If the party is seriously taking him to be projected as the next Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the exclusion can be a good move. Being the General Secretary and canvassing as the next Chief Minister of the state like Uttar Pradesh would have been a tedious job. If there’s any smoke in the fire of Varun Gandhi being the top man of Uttar Pradesh, the saffron party has made a clever decision. With Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections in 2017, is the next-CM-to-be move wise?

Narendra Modi in his electoral campaigns of 2014 Lok Sabha Elections made many announcements about ending the dynastic rule in Indian politics by wiping off the Gandhi family off the political scene. Is this is a move towards what Modi had said then? With Maneka Gandhi already in the Union Ministry holding an important portfolio, having another Gandhi in the ranks would have not suffice well with the party think-tank.

The reason for Varun Gandhi’s exclusion from Amit Shah’s newly comprised team is still questionable. What is in store for Varun Gandhi would be known in coming days but the more important question is will be it be a wise move to keep Varun Gandhi out of the party ranks and savour him for upcoming Uttar Pradesh Elections?