Kolkata, Mar 15: West Bengal Education Minister Partha Chatterjee stoked up a controversy on Wednesday when, during an event, he said that he will not allow the idea of “lesbianism” in schools and lesbianism is ‘against the Bengali culture;. The statement comes days after a girls school in Kolkata faced criticism over forcing out confession from its students of ‘being lesbians’.

While interacting with a group of journalists, he said that young teenagers should not explore sexuality among themselves. Adding further, he asserted that this is not the culture of Bengal.

Earlier on March 8, Kamala Girls School in South Kolkata had pulled up ten class IX girl students while accusing them of ‘being lesbians’.

The action was widely criticised. Parents of the girls even accused the school of forcefully obtaining the written confession from the students.

Meanwhile, the minister has sought a report from the school authorities about the incident. He has also asked the schools not to be ‘lenient’ if the behaviour of the students is found to be ‘indecent’.