Gorakhpur, August 13: Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday broke down while he was addressing media over the BDR hospital where many children have died due to the alleged lack of oxygen. “Nobody can be more sensitive towards those children than me, said emotional Adityanath.

Waiting for a report on this incident, the 21st CM of UP promised to not to spare the ones with a negligent attitude. “Let reports of probe committee come. Assure you, if anyone’s negligence caused the death of a person, in any part of UP, he won’t be spared,” stated UP CM. Union Health Minister J P Nadda also visited the hospital with Adityanath. The Hindu nationalist politician informed everyone that from 1996 he is fighting against encephalitis, adding,” Will no more allow children to die as have seen a lot of children become a victim of encephalitis.”

On Saturday, Opposition that included parties like Congress, BSP, SP, lashed out at BJP government in UP for the carelessness. To this, 45-year-old UP CM said: ” Those whose sensitivity has died are now trying to add salt to the wound by raising the sensitive issue unnecessarily.”  Congress is trying to politicise the whole matter, said some from the saffron party yesterday.

Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad who visited the BRD hospital yesterday was saddened by heart-wrenching incident and asked  Health Minister, Minister of Technical and Medical Education and UP CM to take responsibility and step down from their post. Replying to Azad, Adityanath stated,” When Ghulam N Azad was Union Health Minister, he came here and said that we can’t do anything in the matter because it’s a state matter.”

Adityanath, who holds an image of Hindutva firebrand urged the media to report facts and not flush out incorrect news to the viewers. To further improve the health condition of Gorakhpur- the constituency of Adityanath, the UP CM approved regional medical research centre that will be established in the city with an expense of Rs 85 crore.