For more than two decades, media and entertainment mega-giant ZEE Entertainment has been committed to celebrating its Indian roots, shedding light on the many men and women of Indian heritage who have contributed to society and risen to the top. As part of this ongoing mission, on Saturday, October 14, ZEE TV will debut the first episode of Those Who Made It – a brand new television series, which will give viewers an exclusive, first-hand look at the journeys of seven different Indian-Americans who rose through the ranks to become successful.

“We here at ZEE Entertainment believe that it is important to shed light on the profound impact Indian-Americans have had on society. Those Who Made It was designed to inspire our viewers by sharing the real stories of some of the most successful entrepreneurs, philanthropists and celebrities in the world,” a spokesperson for ZEE Entertainment said. “Each and every single one of our profiled leaders have a unique story to tell. The episodes will not only highlight their successes but also their struggles and hardships on the way to the top.”

Airing every Saturday through November 25th at 9:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. PT, 8:30 p.m. PST), each 30-minute episode will include the biography, journey, lifestyle and achievements of an accomplished Indian-American leader. The first season of Those Who Made It will feature a wide range of professionals, ranging from one of the world’s leading US immigration attorneys, to one of the founders of one of the most successful Indian grocery chains in the globe.

“The journey to the top is not always an easy one. Each of the individuals featured in the first season of Those Who Made It has overcome many barriers and obstacles to become the successful entrepreneurs they are today,” the spokesperson added. “Those Who Made It depicts the true story of the journey to success, including the bumps in the road. They each serve as role models for Indian-Americans – and all first-generation Americans with a dream.”

The scheduled episodes for the first season of ZEE TV’s Those Who Made It is as follows:

Mrs. Sheela Murthy (October 14)
Mr. Sant Chatwal (October 21)
Mr. Frank Islam (November 4)
Mr. AJ Khubani (November 11)
Mr. Suri Sehgal (November 18)
Mr. Javad Hassan (November 25)
Mr. Mafat Patel (December 2nd)

Founded in 1992, ZEE Entertainment has earned a global recognition in its reign over the media and entertainment industry for the past 25 years. As a global brand, ZEE entertains more than one billion viewers across the world. ZEE also enjoys a presence in 172 countries, offering a rich bouquet of 32 channels in India and 39 dedicated channels for the international markets.

In its two-decade-long journey, ZEE has not just formed a family of millions of viewers but has also enriched the lives of all the internal as well as external stakeholders, including the shareholders, bankers, investors, employees and business partners.

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