Kangana Ranaut’s leaked emails to Hrithik Roshan have been making its fair share of noise, with names of the likes of Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor appearing in the written texts. And as it seems, there is a new addition to those names, and it is none other than Salman Khan. According to a leading news portal, Kangana in her alleged emails to Hrithik spoke about her encounter with Salman. In an October 9, 2014 email, Kangana wrote: “You went for Big Boss. That’s great, it’s good to give BB that post-release promotion. I am glad you didn’t meet SK [Salman Khan]. He’s weird. When I said no to that film, he said, ‘Kareena was doing that film, but I gave it to you because it won’t help her, but it can make your career’. My jaw dropped. Is he crazy? Kareena’s role in Bajrangi Bhaijaan will make my career? Which world does he live in? Which of his heroine’s career is made?”

“And I am loved because I never worked with him. Does he even know, people who have put their money on me, directors, producers, studios pleaded with me not to do his films because it will harm my brand (sic),” she added. Apparently, Kangana also told Salman that she is not interested in being another Katrina or Salman. She wrote “He [Salman Khan] used to make fun of me. Once he told me, why do you act so much? People like you end up nowhere. Look at Katrina, she is the perfect actress material; looks good and keeps her mouth shut. I told him he is very 19th-century, and I am not interested in becoming Katrina or Salman”.

She further wrote, “He got pissed and started abusing me. After that, we didn’t see his face for two years. He called, messaged, but I never replied. Then he called me for is birthday, I told you about that time I saw him for five minutes. After ‘Queen’, he has been wanting to meet me, but I just don’t feel like it, and this film offer is just a desperate attempt. This is the thing with unpleasant people, you just don’t want to see them.” Commenting on these emails, Kangana’s lawyer Advocate Rizwan Siddiquee said, “The emails are not reliable at all. Because her account was hacked since May 2014.”