In the 16 February episode of Kumkum Bhagya we see that Abhi says to Pragya that for him to be alive it is very important that Pragya is also alive. Abhi suddenly realizes what he said and apologises to Pragya for his words. Pragya says even she would have done the same thing. Abhi and Pragya are lost in each other and Pragya feels as if God also want to bring them close to each other.

Sarla is waiting for Pragya to return and biji says she should relax as Pragya will come soon. She says Sarla should understand that Pragya is their daughter but she is the bride of that house.

Abhi asks Purab to send the sardar’s photo to the police station so that they can find the person who tried to kill Pragya. Purab says he cannot do so as he is not thinking about this right now. Abhi asks Purab why he is not concerned about Pragya as she is his girlfriend.

Purab says he knows what Abhi was doing with his girlfriend in the CCTV footage. Abhi says she was not breathing and he had no other option than to give her mouth-to-mouth. Purab says Abhi is overprotective towards Pragya. He says Pragya was not dying but he called it a medical emergency just to do what he wanted to do. Purab says Abhi did it all purposely and Abhi gets angry at Purab for thinking so bad about him. Purab says Abhi has a problem that Pragya is Purab’s girlfriend and not his. He says Abhi is always finding ways to go close to Pragya and that is what he did in the cold storage also. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 14 February 2017 written update, full episode: Abhi finds out that someone planned to kill Pragya!)

Abhi is about to hit Purab and he says that he is telling the truth and so it is hurting him. Purab says if Abhi cannot say the truth then at least he should have the courage to listen to the truth. He says Abhi is not happy with his decision to marry Pragya as he himself loves Pragya. Abhi says he only did so to save Pragya as that was most important for him than anything else. Purab says this is what he wants to tell him that when he is with Pragya he doesn’t think about anyone, not even his friend and family. Purab says Abhi has made Pragya his life and so he is not concerned about anything else.

Purab asks Abhi to truly tell why he cannot think about anything else when Pragya is there. He asks Abhi to rethink the time in the cold storage with Pragya and then tell what Pragya means to him. Abhi says he has no answers. Purab says he cannot find an answer because he has not given any name to his feelings. Purab says he respects Abhi’s feeling and so he has decided to breakup with Pragya. Abhi is angry that Purab thinks Pragya is not good enough for him. Purab says he is breaking his relationship because Abhi is in love with Pragya. Purab says Pragya is made for Abhi and not him.

Purab says he never had any feelings for Pragya. He says it was all lies to make Abhi realize his feelings for Pragya. Purab tells Abhi that the pictures showing him with Pragya were all lies. He tells the truth about what happened in the party. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 10 February 2017 written update, preview: Abhi shouts at Tanu for trying to control him)

Abhi remembers how Purab tried to cancel the engagement every time. Purab says he knew Abhi was marrying the wrong girl and he had to continue this drama to get him close to the right girl. He says when Abhi saw his and Pragya’s pictures he was jealous and he knew right then that Abhi was in love with Pragya and not Tanu.

Purab tells than he had made situations where Abhi has expressed his true feeling for Pragya. Abhi denies and Purab says he can prove it to him.