New Delhi, Jan 12: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that ‘unprecedented’ points which were raised by the honourable judges need to be looked into carefully. Addressing media on the implications of the four senior judges of the Supreme Court publicly attacking Chief Justice Dipak Misra, Gandhi said that all citizens who love the idea of justice are looking at this issue and it should be addressed.

Talking to reporters at his residence, Rahul also demanded proper investigation into the mysterious death of Special CBI Judge BH Loya. He said, “They have also made a point about Judge Loya’s case. I think that is also something that needs to be investigated properly. It needs to be looked at from the highest levels of the Supreme Court.”

Earlier in the day, in an unprecedented move, the four senior-most judges in the Supreme Court burst out in the open and accused Chief Justice Dipak Misra of not strictly adhering to the rules in assigning cases to appropriate benches, which they said could create “doubts” about the integrity of the top court.

Speaking to the media at the residence of Justice J Chelameswar, the judges said the Supreme Court administration was “not in order” and released an undated letter they wrote to Justice Misra in which they conceded that the Chief Justice was the “master of roster” but this was “not a recognition of any superior authority, legal or factual, of the chief justice over his colleagues”. (Also Read: ‘Chief Justice First Among Equals’: Top Quotes From Supreme Court Judges’ Letter to CJI)

“Administration of the Supreme Court is not in order. Many things less than desirable have happened in the last few months. We owe a responsibility to the institution and the nation. We tried to collectively persuade the chief justice that certain things are not in order and remedial measures are necessary. Unfortunately, our efforts have failed in convincing the Chief Justice of India to take steps to protect this institution,” Justice Chelameswar said at the hurriedly called press conference.

The four judges – justices Ranjan Gogoi, Kurian Joseph and Madan B Lokur, besides Justice Chelameswar – did not, however, refer to any particular matter the chief justice had decided in assigning benches. On being asked about the “less than desirable have happened in the last few months” is a reference of seeking a probe into the suspicious death of Special CBI Judge Brijgopal Loya, Justice Gogoi said, “Yes.”

(With inputs from agencies)