Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan both swear by Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s talent. We have seen this fine actor work in both Indie and commercial films and man, his acting prowess sure is unparalleled. Well, this formidable star just came out with his award winning movie Haraamkhor with Shweta Tripathi and gave an interview to All India Bakchod with that regard. Well you know when there is AIB and a kickass personality like Nawaz, there are bound to be fireworks. And yes, the same happened.

While discussing breezily about his roles and ‘art’ films VS commercial ones, he was asked a very cliched question by Gursimran Khamba and Tanmay Bhatt. How are Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan different from each other? While Nawaz spoke highly of ‘bhai’ he sort of derided him when he told Tanmay and Khamba that he okays shot in a single take while Shah Rukh cares a lot about his craft and does not stop till he nails it completely. But for Salman, one take is enough. Nawaz totally declared SRK a better actor than Salman but not in so many words. Will Salman after listening to this give Nawaz a chance to work with him again? Considering Bhai does not quite forgive people easily? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Nawaz will be seen next in Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and will be playing antagonist to his Miyan Bhai. Let’s see if people lap up this movie as well. We have just seen Haraamkhor and we must say that the Gangs Of Wasseypur actor is damn impressive in his comeback Indie movie!

You watch this video and tell us what you feel. Catch Nawaz in an totally UNFILTERED avatar.