New Delhi, Dec 7: In a uniquely beautiful & innovative effort, SIASEN (School for Intellectual Ability for Special Education Needs) for the first time ever launched “Inclusion through Musical Expression” – a three-minute long visual. This musical video conceptualized by Roma Sahni and Matisha Kothari Sahni, focuses on the need for inclusion and integration of children with special needs into the mainstream.

The highlight of this musical are the actors performing in it. They are not only children from various schools but also the special ones with learning difficulties. Our focus is on ‘inclusion’ – having them all perform together is what makes this visual treat a reality. In fact, theatre has been used as a medium to create a space for Inclusion.

“In an effort, to enjoy the evening and showcase their talents, we organized a Kids Fashion Show. The designers – young minds between the age group of 8 to 14 years – who we teamed up with students from NIFT to create garments for themselves and an accessory for their special partners, along with whom they walked the ramp. Our focus was to collaborate children’s creative instincts and their skillful talents for an educational journey,” said Roma Sahni, President, Freesia.

“The highlight for this project, are the children and youth joining creative forces to participate with the Special ones. We are thankful for the support of the fashion gurus – renowned fashion designers Anupama Dayal, Priyanka Modi, Ashish Soni and Rajesh Pratap Singh – who have were a part of the jury for the fashion show,” added Ms Sahni.

Our aim and mission is to create a new world of inclusion and community, where every single person is accepted and welcomed, regardless of their ability and lives a healthy and independent financially secured future. The aim is to have an educational plan where inclusion exists in reality – The only way is through creative avenues. All future projects and programs the focus is on that direction to achieve the results.

Born in 2008, Freesia was created to provide a healthy, happy and creative environment for children and young adults, with ASD and Down Syndrome. Roma Sahni and her child’s journey from pillar to post seeking answers, lead her to explore and learn news ways techniques. For Roma, the journey has been simply beautiful, innovative and knowledgeable. What started as workshops lead to a small centre. With encouragement from many parents, Roma created an infrastructure close to nature to provide a spacious and positive environment for children. A decade of experience educating and nurturing different children, young adults and even parents, has made Freesia a reality.

Freesia (Organisation for Creative Studies and Development) was born with the concept to create an environment that offered Educational Excellence in Creative Expression, Skill Development as well as Support and Guidance. Freesia encompasses a vision for better future to Empower through Creativity, discovering new talent. The organization has branches that caters to SIASEN ( School for Intellectual Ability for Special Education Needs), Primary School, Youth Programs, Skill Development, inclusion and women empowerment.

SIASEN offers a one stop Solution with all facilities and infrastructure catering to the needs of children and young adults with Special Education Needs (ASD, Down syndrome, dyslexia). It is a bundle of love, that offers the best learning programs. It has a positive environment with experts and dedicated team delivering individualized programs. SIASEN explores Interventions focusing on each child to reach their full potential at school, home and public. It has early Intervention, schooling and vocational training but above all, it provides inclusion in a unique and creative way.