New Delhi, March 27: United Airlines is under sharp criticism and this time it is for banning of 2 passengers who were allegedly not ‘properly clothed’. The Airline company on Sunday morning banned 2 girls because they were not properly clothed. While this was the claim of the airline company, the ‘improper’ clothing was that the girls were wearing leggings. As per reports, the United Airlines gate agent asked the two girls to either change clothing or not board their flight to Minneapolis.

Activist Shannon Watts in a series of tweets explained the situation and questioned the validity of such restrictions. Moreover her stand is one of questioning the sexist and unnecessary restrictions imposed by the airline company. Shannon goes ahead and states that she is a  mother of four and is comfortable traveling in yoga pants and then questions how many boys they have penalised for the same reason.

Watts further questions if the restriction was specific to only one gender, as she saw the father of the girls in a short and he was not stopped from boarding the flight.

With so much backlash from Twitter users, United Airlines responded and cited a dress code which appears in their “Contract of Carriage: and it reportedly allows them to refuse passengers who are not properly clothed. The airline later also tweeted that casual clothing is “acceptable as long as it looks neat and is in good taste for the local environment”.

While many questioned United’s dressing policy, people soon came out with United’s advertisements where women were seen wearing leggings. Some experts also said that United’s response to the crisis is a case study on crisis management.

However, later more information about the two girls was found and as per Mashable India:

The two girls who were not allowed on board were United Airlines “pass riders,”. Pass riders is defined by the company as “United employees or their eligible dependents standing by on a space-available basis.”

Added to that is the fact that there is a separate dress code for pass riders,and it is not related to United Airlines’ “Contract of Carriage” which they quoted initially. However, according to a statement made to NBC’s Colorado affiliate, 9 News, that remains “internal policy” and will not be released.